Program Audit of Existing Citizenship-by-Investment Programs (CIPs):

A program audit is performed for existing (CIPs) on both external and internal levels.  An Internal audit is performed to ensure efficient processing of all applications in accordance with the established set of Policies and Procedures.  In addition, an External level audit would examine how the program is positioned and viewed in the market.  Both levels of audit play an integral role in the sustainability and effectiveness of any (CIP) in the long run.

A program audit would normally examine the status of an existing (CIP) program by providing a highlight of its strengths and an alert of its weaknesses along with proposed recommendations. Therefore, the scope of the audit should include a thorough assessment and evaluation of the system as a whole and all relative admin-operating procedures. First, the overall processing system must be well analyzed and evaluated for any defaults or discrepancies. After which, an audit sets its recommendations and outlines means of implementing them. Second, the primary goal of an admin audit is to make sure that all applicable laws and regulations are strongly adhered to and that admin-operating procedures are appropriately executed and determine whether or not there might be room for improvement.

Finally a program audit would normally outline the issues that could have exposed a particular program such as misleading promotional activities. In addition, it would also reinforce the positive elements of the program such as firm due diligence process and vetting of applicants as well as the social and economical benefit to the country.

The above is done in complete transparency and confidentiality.