Our Clients: HNWIs from all over the world.

Our premium and key client-body consists of High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and their families from all over the world. They are of exceptional merits and sound business background. HNWIs and their Home Offices generally demand personalized services in financial investment, real estate planning, tax advice and so forth all of which fall under the umbrella of “Risk Management”.   In this respect, “Second Residence” is one of the most crucial pillars of the Risk Management process, as all other elements may be deemed obsolete if “Freedom of Movement” is not available when needed.  As a result, the motivations of HNWIs for seeking “Second Residence” continue to revolve around two issues that are very close to the hearts of HNWIs: Security and Freedom.

HNWIs receive a comprehensive contingency plan that includes freedom of travel, asset protection, safety and confidentiality through Citizenship by Investment or Residency by Investment programs of a respectable and neutral country.

GICG takes into consideration the unique cultural and legal aspects of the region and assures our clients the highest level of confidentiality.


HNWIs in the Middle East:

In 2012, Global HNWI wealth grew 10% reaching a record-high of U$46.2 trillion including the Middle East.  Please check below table for further details

Continent Increase in HNWI Population Increase in HNWI Wealth Act As
North America 3.73m (11.5%) U$12.70t (11.7%) 2012
Asia Pacific 3.68m (9.4%) U$12.00t (12.2%) 2012
Latin America 0.52m (4.4%) U$7.54t (6.7%) 2012
Europe 3.41m (7.5%) U$10.90t (8.2%) 2012
Africa 0.14m (9.9%) U$1.26t (11.5%) 2012
Middle East 0.49m (8.1%) U$1.81t (8.6%) 2012