About Global Information Consulting Group (GICG)

Global Information Consulting Group is a specialized company in the field of investment programs leading to immigration and citizenship status around the world. We offer exclusive services to prominent businessmen in the Arabian Area. Acquiring a second citizenship today is not a luxury but a strategic step taken by many individuals regardless of their financial wealth and status. Many high profile members of societies all over the world opt to pursue immigration in search of another nationality. Nevertheless; many are hesitant to commence the process as they do not know how, where and with whom they should trust. GICG provides full data concerning this entire process in complete confidentiality with a personal service that is second to none. GICG has an extensive R&D department that meticulously investigates all immigration and citizenship investment programs around the world. Our research process is comprehensive and we do not promote a single program unless we have visited the country and met with authorized representatives to ensure the integrity of the program and the feasibility of the end result.

Global Information Consulting Group (GICG)

Global Information Consulting Group Inc. (GICG) has a well earned reputation as one of the most pre-eminent consulting groups internationally, with market contacts in The Caribbean, Canada, Europe and the Middle East since 1996. GICG is an exclusive firm with contacts to assist with regulatory and legal matters. The investment programs that we offer are a key component to our success, and our vision is to provide the highest standard of Professionalism and service to our esteemed clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world without boundaries for our clients and provide added value opportunities for their adapted countries.

Our Mission Statement

We offer Investment Programs that lead to Permanent Residency and Full Citizenship to prominent and reputable HNWIs from all over the world. Our services add value to the national interest of countries and provide new options for our clients and their families. We, at GICG conduct our services in the most ethical and professional manner to ensure the sustainability of such programs in the long term.

Our Principles

  • Aspire to the best.
  • Execute superbly.
  • Provide quality services to our clients.
  • Meet our obligations.
  • Maintain a high level of credibility and trustworthiness.
  • Provide unique and personalized services to our clients.

Our Services

  • We provide our clients with excellent Citizenship-by-Investment programs and Residency-by-investment programs  that are tailored to meet individual client needs.
  • We provide our clients with sound consultancy  services based on our professional expertise and background.
  • We walk our clients throughout the entire process.
  • We handle all relative paper work and documentation with utmost professionalism and confidentiality.